Comprehensive skin check-up Beauty Forecast with a 25% discount

Comprehensive skin check-up Beauty Forecast with a 25% discount

Have you ever wondered how your skin will look in the future?

The  Beauty Forecast check-up is a unique opportunity to learn more about the current state of your facial skin and predict, and therefore prevent, age-related changes in the future.

All this became possible thanks to the OBSERV0-520 technology.
Innovative visualization technologies and 6 skin analysis modes, as if under a microscope, allow the assessment of skin micro-relief, pore condition and content, pigment intensity, vascular condition, detect existing wrinkles and those that are just forming, instantly providing a comprehensive picture of what is happening with dermal cells.

The stages included in the Comprehensive Facial Skin check-up — Beauty Forecast at the “Dobrobut” Dermatology & Cosmetology Medical Center:

  • a joint consultation of a dermatologist and a cosmetologist, during which our experts will gather information about your health condition, lifestyle factors that may affect the skin's condition;
  • instrumental diagnostics of facial skin using OBSERV 520;
  • joint strategy development by two professionals to support healthy skin now and in the future;
  • recommendations to visit related specialists or undergo additional examination (if necessary).

Advantages of the Beauty Forecast with OBSERV-520 technology:

  • Personalized approach to caring for your skin
  • Identification of your skin's individual needs
  • Ability to timely identify problems and prevent their further development
  • Enhancement of the quality of your skin care

Don't postpone your beauty for later! Check the health of your skin now at a special price of 1860 UAH instead of the standard cost of 2470 UAH.

The special offer was valid until 31.01.2024.

Beauty is where health is!

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5experience (y.)
Beshkovetska (Cherep) Kateryna Ivanivna
Beshkovetska (Cherep) Kateryna Ivanivna
Physician-Cosmetologist; Dermatovenereologist; Pediatric dermatovenereologist; Trichologist
21experience (y.)
Boichun Tetiana Oleksandrivna
Boichun Tetiana Oleksandrivna
Dermatovenereologist; Pediatric dermatovenereologist; Physician-Cosmetologist; Trichologist
3experience (y.)
Zhenzherukha Nataliia Oleksandrivna
Zhenzherukha Nataliia Oleksandrivna
Dermatovenereologist; Pediatric dermatovenereologist; Trichologist