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Removal of intracerebral hematomas

What is an intracerebral hematoma?

Intracerebral hemorrhage (hematoma) is caused by bleeding within the brain tissue itself - and is the most life-threatening type of stroke.

When is the operation to remove a hematoma in the head performed?

The neurosurgeons of our center with an advanced level of training and many years of experience in the treatment of acute stroke and other cerebrovascular conditions will assess the patient's condition to determine whether the operation is the best course of treatment.

What types of operations to remove a hematoma in the head are performed by our specialists?

  • Decompression surgery relieves pressure on the brain and allows an experienced neurosurgeon to remove accumulated blood and repair damaged blood vessels. Evacuation (drainage) of the hematoma immediately reduces pressure on the brain by decreasing the volume of blood collected from bleeding, thereby reducing secondary brain damage from increased intracranial pressure. Experienced neurosurgeons in our clinic in Kyiv can choose one of four surgical methods for removing a hematoma:
  • Open craniotomy: A neurosurgeon removes a portion of the skull and performs open surgery to drain the hematoma and repair the ruptured blood vessel.
  • Simple aspiration: The surgeon drills a small hole in the skull and drains the hematoma with a small rubber tube or catheter. This is a relatively non-invasive procedure, but it does not always allow the surgeon to completely drain the hematoma.
  • Endoscopic evacuation is a minimally invasive surgical technique, similar to simple aspiration in that it involves drilling a hole in the skull, but instead of traditional surgical instruments, a highly trained neurosurgeon can reach the hematoma and drain it using an endoscope (a tiny instrument controlled by a camera).
  • Stereotaxic aspiration uses computed tomography (CT) to locate the hematoma and a specially designed aspiration instrument to drain it.

The cost of the examination and the cost of the operation to remove an intracerebral hematoma at the Dobrobut medical center in Kyiv will depend on such factors: size, location of the hematoma, as well as the removal technique that will be used.

You can make an appointment for a consultation and operation with our specialists at the Dobrobut Medical Center in Kyiv by leaving a request on our website, or by calling the call center number.


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Removal of intracerebral hematomas

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