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Keinashvili Hrihol

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The Doctor provides the following services:

Consultation by neurosurgeon
1620 uah
Consultation of a neurosurgeon in the Emergency Department
1620 uah
Standard microdiscectomy of the lumbar spine
30240 uah
Instrumentation of spinal fractures + decompression (without the cost of set)
56970 uah
Instrumentation of spinal fractures (without the cost of set)
54010 uah
Kyphoplasty + vertebroplasty (without the cost of set)
37680 uah
Cranioplasty with a plate (titanium, protacryl, autobone) (without the cost of the plate)
39900 uah
Lumbar puncture (medications cost excluded)
1780 uah
Minor surgery with local anaesthetic of the 1st category of difficulty
1790 uah
Minor surgery with local anaesthetic of the 2nd category of difficulty
3440 uah
Microvascular decompression of the cranial nerves (Gianetta)
52520 uah
Microdiscectomy in the thoracic spine
42120 uah
Injection (blockade) into trigger points under ultrasound control
3500 uah
Suturation (1 item)
460 uah
Suturation (no more than 5 items)
770 uah
37680 uah
Occipitospondylodesis, Harms and Magerl methods (without the cost of set)
67710 uah
Initial surgical debridement
1920 uah
Anterior corporectomy / discectomy of the cervical spine (without set cost)
56970 uah
Revision of pyogenic surgical wound
4150 uah
Skeletal traction and closed reposition for trauma of the cervical spine (without the cost of set)
7800 uah
Elimination of spinal stenosis, I category of complexity
37680 uah
Elimination of spinal stenosis, II category of complexity + instrumentation (without the cost of a set)
45100 uah
Elimination of spinal stenosis, sponylolisthesis, III category of complexity + foraminotomy + instrumentation (without the cost of a set)
52520 uah
Removal of a brain tumor, 3rd category of complexity
67710 uah
Removal of external formations (lipoma, atheroma) of the 1st category of difficulty
2550 uah
Removal of membranous formations (hematomas, hydromas, empyema, abscesses, foreign bodies)
37680 uah
Removal of tumors (mts) of the vertebrae + instrumentation (without the cost of set)
73650 uah
Removal of intracerebral formations (hematomas, abscesses, bones, parasitic cysts, foreign bodies)
41380 uah
Bacteriological culture + antibioticogram from the wound
580 uah
Removal of spinal cord tumors, 1st category of complexity
45100 uah
Removal of spinal cord tumors, 2nd category of complexity
52520 uah
Removal of spinal cord tumors, 3rd category of complexity
60270 uah
Removal of a brain tumor, 1st category of complexity
45100 uah
Removal of a brain tumor, 2nd category of complexity
56970 uah
Removal of foreign body from soft tissues of the 1st category of difficulty
690 uah
Removal of foreign body from soft tissues of the 2nd category of difficulty
1380 uah
Installation of a ventriculo-peritoneal shunt (without the cost of a shunt)
27280 uah
Decompression craniectomy
42120 uah
Discectomy with anterior access of the cervical spine + spinal fusion (without the cost of a set)
52520 uah
Epidural Block ( X-ray guided)
11880 uah
Posterior decompressive surgery for Arnold-Chiari anomaly
45840 uah
Posterior cervical microdiscectomy
37680 uah
Removal of metal structures (hardware)
30240 uah
External ventricular drainage
22660 uah
Local anaesthesia
610 uah
Dressing is foldable
850 uah
Dressing is simple
650 uah
Removal of sutures
520 uah
Information about the doctor Keinashvili Hrihol

Work experience: 19 years

Category: Higher


  • Tbilisi State Medical University, Faculty of Military Medicine;
  • P.L. Shupyk National University of Healthcare of Ukraine, residency in Neurosurgery

Membership in associations, societies; attending conferences, thematic improvement courses:

  • member of the Ukrainian Association of Neurosurgeons;
  • completed thematic advanced training courses on craniosacral trauma, central and peripheral nervous system trauma, stroke treatment, modern diagnostic methods in surgery and neurology;
  • regularly participates in international and national congresses, conferences, conferences, symposia;
  • participates in master classes of domestic and foreign specialists;
  • studies in-depth the medical literature in her specialty.

Priority areas in clinical practice:

  • spinal neurosurgery - surgical treatment of spinal diseases, in particular degenerative diseases such as herniated discs, spinal canal stenosis and listhesis
  • tumors of the spinal cord and spine;
  • Surgical treatment of traumatic brain injury;
  • cranioplastic surgeries;
  • surgical treatment of strokes;
  • surgical treatment of hydrocephalus.

Tell us about your professional interests other than your specialization:

  • Interventional neuroradiology;
  • neurology.

Hobbies, favorite movies, books:

  • "My hobbies are fishing and hunting."

Doctor's advice:

  • "To ensure the best result, it is important to cooperate with the doctor, because the doctor always acts in the patient's best interest. It is important to follow the recommendations given by the doctor."

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