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Breast removal. Mastectomy

A mastectomy is a surgery to remove a breast. This operation aims to stop the pathological process, reduce the risk of recurrence and prevent the spread of metastases. Recently, more and more women a high risk for breast cancer - for example, with a genetic predisposition and the expression of the mutant BRCA1/2 gene or the development of cancer in the second gland, decide on prophylactic mastectomy.

Radical mastectomy is thecomplete removal of the mammary gland together with the fascia of thepectoralis major muscle, the pectoralis major and minor muscles, regional lymph nodes. The indication for radical mastectomy is advanced breast cancer.

There are several author's methods of a radical mastectomy. The price of breast removal depends on the category of complexity.

  • According to Halsted-Mayer - removal of the breast, both pectoral muscles, axillary lymph nodes, fat from under the armpits, under the collarbone, and shoulder blade. This method of treatment is used primarily for direct germination of the tumor in the muscle.
  • According to Urban - in addition to removing both pectoral muscles, axillary lymph nodes, breast, fatty tissue from under the armpits, under the collarbone, and shoulder blade are also removed parasternal lymph nodes. It is used in the presence of metastases in the parasternal lymph nodes.
  • According to Patty-Dyson, the iron and lymph nodes are removed in one block, but the pectoralis major muscle is preserved. It is prescribed for tumors that have reached 4 cm, with pain and burning.
  • According to Madden. At this organ-saving operations, the axillary fiber is not so widely removed, the pectoralis major and minor muscles remain. It is prescribed for stage 2 cancer, lymphocytosis, or pain in the left side of the chest.
  • Extended - in addition to cleaning the breast, the pectoralis major and minor muscles, lymph nodes are removed, and chest resection is performed. It is prescribed for stage 4 cancer, excruciating pain, and chest damage.
  • Amputation - a complete amputation of the gland is performed using an incision around the areola, including small blood vessels of the lymph nodes without resection of the axillary tissue. It is used either for urgent indications in severely debilitated patients or in the initial forms of cancer in elderly patients, for whom the aesthetic side of the operation is not relevant, and the operation itself has virtually no severy complications.

Prophylactic mastectomy:

Prophylactic mastectomy (bilateral) is a preventive removal of the breast. This possibility is considered in patients at high risk of breast cancer. Bilateral mastectomy involves the complete subcutaneous removal of all breast tissue (that is, subcutaneous amputation of an organ). In the vast majority of cases, breast removal surgery is accompanied by simultaneous breast reconstruction using prostheses or flaps of their own muscles, which also determines the cost of mastectomy.

Rehabilitation after breast removal surgery includes correction of existing hormonal disorders, diet, vitamin therapy, psychotherapy. If it is necessary to restore the former shape of the breast,plastic surgery is performed. In seven days after the operation, they start physiotherapy exercises. The set of exercises is selected individually.

The cost of surgery to remove a breast tumor in Ukraine:

The cost of an operation to remove a breast tumor depends on the category of its complexity, the volume of intervention, the need for mammoplasty, the price of anesthesia, the presence of concomitant pathologies, and the time spent in the ward after the operation. Do not forget that the cost of removing the mammary glands also depends on the experience of the doctor and his academic title.

The exact price can be found out only after all the studies have been carried out and a treatment plan has been drawn up, so the cost of a breast removal operation is formed strictly individually.

Breast reconstruction after breast removal:

Reconstructive plastic surgery to restore the breast after its breast removal surgery provides a better quality of life and psychological comfort for patients. The multidisciplinary Dobrobut medical center is one of the best for breast removal in Kyiv. There are many reconstructive mammoplasty techniques, such as breast implant placement, reconstruction using the patient's own tissues, corrective procedures (liposuction, restoration of the nipple and its areola, etc.).One-step reconstruction - according to the indications, a skin-preserving operation is performed, and an implant is placed in the existing cover, more often under the pectoralis major muscle.

Two-stage - reconstruction. In the first stage, a special expander is placed in the area of the postmastectomy defect. Over time, with the help of a special port, saline is introduced into the expander, resulting in the skin being stretched to the size of the remaining breast. The second stage is replacingthe expander with a permanent expander-implants, which does not require replacement Between stages takes 1.5 to 6 months, depending on the previous treatment, the patient's tissues, and the tasks set.

Breast reconstruction with the help of own tissues is a technically complex operation, and therefore the cost of a breast removal operation is much higher. This technique uses the skin, subcutaneous tissue, and muscles to form flaps transplanted to the breast site. There are several techniques for cutting out a flap, each of which has its own indications and capabilities.

The advantages of carrying out the service with us:

  • The Dobrobut Clinic in Kyiv employs highly qualified specialists who regularly attend refresher courses.
  • In practice, modern methods of treatment are used.
  • The list of necessary diagnostic and treatment procedures is determined strictly individually.
  • The main goal of our center is the maximum preservation of the patient's quality of life.

How to sign up?

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Breast removal. Mastectomy

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