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Cryodestruction is the removal of benign formations with liquid nitrogen; a pathologic skin area dies off after the procedure due to the influence of extremely low temperatures on it. The procedure is completely safe, in some cases a patient can have a tingling sensation in the place where the skin was treated with nitrogen.

Cryodestruction is used to remove:

  • various types of warts;
  • papillomas, condylomas;
  • hemangiomas;
  • molluscum epitheliale;
  • adhesions of various etiologies;
  • callouses and plantar callosities.

Description of the procedure

The skin area to be removed may be treated with an anesthetic agent before the procedure. Liquid nitrogen is applied on the skin with a special applicator, or a cryotherapy apparatus with nozzles is used. It depends on the dimensions and penetrating depth of the neoformation. A doctor chooses the depth and the time of the contact of the skin area with the substance.

Removal of neoformations with liquid nitrogen takes 1 or 2 minutes, and you need 1–3–5 to completely remove them. The skin is recovered fast after the cryodestruction, the healed tissue basically has no adhesions.

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