Dental check-up for kids

Dental check-up for kids

The philosophy of caring for small patients at Dobrobut Dental Clinic is a special approach that includes mandatory psychological adaptation for the child, consultations playfully, favorite toys and cartoons, as well as treatment in medication sleep without pain and fear.

Regular examination of children's oral cavity health helps to detect and prevent the development of diseases that lead to serious complications and long-term treatment, as well as forms a positive attitude of the child towards oral cavity hygiene and visits to the dentist.

That is why the children's dentists of Dobrobut Dental Clinic have developed a detailed and comprehensive plan for children's oral cavity examination at an affordable cost.

Dental check-up for kids at Dobrobut Dental Clinic consists of the following stages:

  • Acquaintance and carrying out psychological adaptation to treatment
  • Examination and consultation of a pediatric dentist
  • X-ray examination depending on age and indications
  • Determination of factors of caries development in a child
  • Carrying out professional hygiene
  • Hygiene lesson for a small patient and parents
  • Selection of means for oral cavity care and providing recommendations
  • Preparation of a treatment plan (if necessary)*

Duration: 60 minutes

Do not postpone your visit to the children's dentist, make an appointment now at the updated cost: UAH 2,900 instead of UAH 4,480.

Validity period: until 12/31/2023

Phone for registration:
067 212 4 161

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