"Dobrobut" in 2023: the results of the second year of war

"Dobrobut" in 2023: the results of the second year of war

 In 2023, Dobrobut Medical Network paid almost UAH 370 million in taxes. The network's revenue last year amounted to UAH 2.3 billion. The number of patients in the network in 2023 increased by almost 14% compared to 2022 and amounted to 257 thousand.

The top 5 most popular medical specializations have not changed since 2022. The most popular specialists among Dobrobut clients are general practitioners, ENT specialists, obstetricians and gynecologists, neurologists and gastroenterologists.

The number of visits to medical centers and hospitals of the chain amounted to more than 1.1 million. In 2023, Dobrobut doctors performed almost 9 thousand surgical operations (compared to 6 thousand in 2022). Dobrobut's emergency staff made 12.4 thousand visits and more than 1.5 thousand transportations abroad and in Ukraine.

119 Dobrobut employees have been mobilized and are serving in the Armed Forces and the TRO. The company paid UAH 21.6 million to mobilized employees.

New medical centers

In 2023, Dobrobut opened a new multidisciplinary hospital on Mykola Bazhana Avenue in Kyiv with an area of more than 9 thousand square meters.

Since its opening, almost 140 thousand patients have visited the hospital, and doctors have performed 930 surgeries. In its first year of operation, the hospital provided nearly 290 thousand services to adults and children. The plan for 2024 is to at least double these figures.

In December 2023, Dobrobut opened an ophthalmology clinic on the basis of the multidisciplinary hospital on Bazhana Avenue, which provides a full range of services - from outpatient care and diagnostics to surgical interventions of any complexity. The clinic is able to see up to 2.5 thousand patients a month, and doctors are ready to perform up to 150 surgeries.

Last year, Dobrobut also opened the Center for Somnology, the Center for Oncodermatology and a new dental clinic (there are already 3 Dobrobut dentists in Kyiv).

A physical rehabilitation department was opened at the multidisciplinary medical center on Semi Idzykovsky Street in Kyiv, where military personnel are now being treated, among others.

Over the year, the Dobrobut Academy's training center held more than 190 courses on various types of emergency care for life-threatening conditions, attended by nearly 2,000 people.

Charitable and social programs

"Dobrobut has been cooperating with the Direct Relief International Foundation since April 2022. Thanks to this, more than 2.3 thousand patients have received free medical care at the Dobrobut Medical and Diagnostic Center at 3 Simi Idzykovskikh Street. With the support of the American partner, Dobrobut surgeons performed nearly 1,000 surgeries.

Last year, thanks to the support of Direct Relief, 528 patients (including 60 children and 375 military personnel) received free medical care. The program of free surgical, inpatient and rehabilitation care will continue until May 15, 2024.

The Dobrobut Foundation has raised over UAH 6 million for medical and humanitarian aid to people affected by the war. Thanks to the foundation's work, 93 people have received medical care.

"Private medicine is an important part of the healthcare system. We strive to be an example of a medical network where patients trust doctors, a mini-example of the state we would like to live in. Where everyone plays by the same transparent rules. We are pleased to have already won the trust of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians. And we are not stopping there. In 2024, we plan to open another new clinic in the center of Kyiv, develop our dental network, and fully launch the Dobrobut multidisciplinary hospital on Bazhana Street. We also plan to continue supporting our military. Expect news this year about the launch of new medical areas at Dobrobut. We have something to surprise you with - it will be interesting!" said Vadym Shekman, CEO of Dobrobut Medical Network.