Information for patients with skin cancer

Information for patients with skin cancer

Skin cancers are malignant tumors that develop from the cells of the superficial layer of the skin (epidermis). There are 2 main types of skin cancers - basal cell and squamous cell. Both types have a favorable prognosis, as they quite rarely metastasize to lymph nodes and internal organs, and therefore, in most cases do not threaten the life of the patient. At the same time, these tumors are prone to the development of local recurrences (the appearance of a tumor in the place where it was previously removed), so they require certain approaches to surgical intervention.

Doctors who advise on this issue:
25experience (y.)
Kukushkina Mariia Mykolaivna
9experience (y.)
Maksymenko Bohdan Viktorovych
Oncodermatology; Oncologist; Surgeon-oncologist
16experience (y.)
Selivanova Tetiana Anatoliivna
Dermatovenereologist; Oncodermatology; Pediatric dermatovenereologist

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