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Occipitospondylodesis, Harms, and Mageri techniques (without the cost of the kit)

What is occipitospondylodesis?

Occipitospondylodesis is a modern neurosurgical operation, the essence of which is that the bones of the skull are fixed to the upper vertebrae of the spinal column.

When is the operation indicated?

Indications for surgery: developmental anomalies, weakening of the ligamentous apparatus, damage to the joints between the occipital bone and the vertebra.

How to prepare for the operation?

The neurosurgeon finally confirms the diagnosis and excludes contraindications for surgery.

The patient should undergo a comprehensive examination: MRI, CT scan of the area, standard preoperative examination.

How is the operation performed?

The operation is performed under general anesthesia. The operation is performed under X-ray control.

Using special fasteners, the neurosurgeon fixes the occipital bone with the vertebrae in a single block. This technique allows you to immobilize the cervical spine, eliminating the compression of the spinal cord, preventing structural changes in the compression area.

Our neurosurgeons in the neurosurgery clinic use the most modern microsurgical equipment and a special microscope. This approach promotes speedy recovery and accelerates the patient's recovery after surgery.

After the operation, the patient is placed in the ward. The length of hospital stay will be determined by the attending physician.

The price of an operation in the Dobrobut MS in Kyiv depends on the type of material used and the technique of the operation.

The cost of the set is not included in the price of occipitospondylodesis.You can sign up for a consultation with our MS Dobrobut specialists by leaving a request on our website or by calling the call center.


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Occipitospondylodesis, Harms, and Mageri techniques (without the cost of the kit)

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