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Yuvchyk Olena Volodymyrivna

Yuvchyk Olena Volodymyrivna

Ultrasound doctor
25experience (y.)
child doctor
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The Doctor provides the following services:

1310 uah
Paediatric echocardiography
1310 uah
810 uah
Ultrasound of the kidneys and adrenal glands
810 uah
Ultrasonography of kidneys and urinary bladder
870 uah
Ultrasound of the kidneys and adrenal glands for children
870 uah
Ultrasound diagnostic of the kidneys (for children)
780 uah
Ultrasonography of abdominal organs
950 uah
Integrated paediatric ultrasonography of abdominal organs (liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen)
950 uah
Ultrasonography of abdominal organs and kidneys
1150 uah
Ultrasonography of abdominal organs, kidneys, thyroid
1950 uah
Ultrasonography of thyroid
780 uah
Ultrasound of the thyroid gland for children
780 uah
US of the bladder with the determination of residual urine (children)
670 uah
Ultrasonography of urinary bladder with identification of residual urine volume
660 uah
Information about the doctor Yuvchyk Olena Volodymyrivna

Category: Higher


  • Kyiv Medical University of UAFM

Areas of professional development:

  • Regular attendance of thematic improvement courses;
  • visits to various conferences inside the country and abroad;
  • co-author of over 20 publications in medical magazines;
  • constant monitoring of new scientific thematic articles and study of specialized literature.

Priority areas in clinical practice:

  • transthoracic and transesophageal echocardiography of children and adults;
  • ultrasound of abdominal cavity, urinary system, thyroid gland, NSG, lymph nodes and salivary glands.
  • ‘Ultrasound imaging technology and research techniques have been developing and new methods of research have been appearing in cardiology (Myocardial deformation in two-dimensional real-time).’
  • ‘I believe that it is important to explain to a patient the results of examination in accessible terms. It should be done for a patient to understand the essence of a disease and the priority of the selected treatment.’
  • ‘A good doctor is a highly professional specialist attentive to every patient, who uses an individual approach to each patient and is able to build a trusting relationship with them. A doctor should be an example for patients who adhere to a healthy lifestyle.’

Tell us about your professional interests other than your specialization:

  • cardiology.

Hobbies, favorite movies, books:

  • ‘In my spare time I play sports and read a variety of literature.’

Doctor's advice:

  • ‘I want everybody to treat their health and health of their loved ones with due care.’

Advantages of MM 'Dobrobut':

  • use of modern equipment;
  • possibility of continuous training and improvement of professional skills;
  • use of new technologies in ultrasound;
  • good working conditions;
  • opportunity for career growth;
  • great perspective of private clinics in future medicine of the country.

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Была на УЗИ с ребёнком 2.11 года. Очень понравился подход Елены Владимировны к ребёнку. Диагностика прошла в спокойной обстановке, ребёнок воспринял как игру(хочет ещё). Мне, как маме, была предостав...

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– Кабак Ирина03.12.2020
Ирина, спасибо за отзыв и высокую оценку профессиональных и личностных качеств доктора.С уважением, департамент по контролю качества медицинского обслуживания.

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Yuvchyk Olena Volodymyrivna

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