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Stenting in myocardial infarction

Acute myocardial infarction is a severe complication of coronary heart disease, which is one of the leading causes of death in developed countries. The necrotic process in the heart muscle is caused by insufficient blood circulation due to narrowing of the artery lumen to occlusion (complete closure of the lumen).

The success of treatment depends on the speed of the medical response to the attack: the earlier the myocardial blood supply is restored, the lower the risk of developing life-threatening conditions. Endovascular treatments play a major role in eliminating the pathological condition, and in this list angioplasty with stenting is the most appropriate, correct, safest, and most effective way.

Stenting is effective in acute coronary syndrome ("heart attack in progress"). Before deciding on the feasibility of endovascular surgery, coronary angiography is performed, which allows obtaining an objective picture of the condition of the clinically dependent artery.

In Dobrobut medical centers, stenting for myocardial infarction is performed as part of emergency medical care. Cardiac surgeons use the latest techniques, diagnostic and treatment equipment of the latest generation, high-tech stents (made in the USA, Germany, Switzerland), effective drugs, and the best consumables.

If you suspect a myocardial infarction - call an ambulance on 5288, and our doctors will arrive immediately on call!

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Stenting in myocardial infarction

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