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Spinal stenosis surgery

What is spinal stenosis?

Spinal canal stenosis is a degenerative disease in which, as a result of the aging of the structures of the spinal column, there is a narrowing of the spinal canal, resulting in compression of the spinal cord and its structures.

What operations are performed for spinal stenosis?

When choosing surgery, our specialists give priority to minimally invasive interventions.

Microsurgical decompression and stabilization

During the operation, the intervertebral discs or vertebral arches are removed, which compress (compress) the nerve structures. The second stage is the stabilization of the spine to keep the vertebrae in the right position and prevent future displacement or the occurrence of secondary stenosis of the spinal canal.

Dynamic stabilization of the spine (interstitial fixation)

Dynamic stabilization is a minimally invasive method in which the affected part of the spine is fixed by a special system that allows you to stabilize the spine and while maintaining the full range of motion in the spine.

The length of stay in the hospital will be from 5 to 7 days.

The rehabilitation period averages 1 to 2 months.

What is the price of surgery for spinal stenosis in our clinic?

The cost of surgery in MM "Dobrobut" in Kyiv for stenosis of the spinal canal by our specialists is calculated individually, depending on the location of the stenosis, duration, size of the narrowing, and other components.

You can make an appointment for a consultation with our specialists at MM Dobrobut in Kyiv by leaving an application on our website or by calling the call center.


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Spinal stenosis surgery

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