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It is the minimally invasive surgical intervention that is performed on a patient in an operating room using an angiograph (under life-threatening conditions in the intensive care unit) under local anesthesia and intravenous anesthesia (if needed). A surgical team (surgeon, surgical nurse) performs a pericardiocentesis in typical points (subcostally, parasternally) for diagnostics or draining the pericardial cavity. In certain cases, the CT-guided puncture is performed on the patients that have undergone an open heart surgery. The resulting liquid is removed for examination, the diagnostic catheter PigTail with the diameter of 0.035’’ is inserted in the pericardial cavity using an intravascular hydrophilic conductor in case a drainage is needed. The catheter is fixed with its inverted-U-shaped joint to the skin. Aseptic dressing.

Indications for the procedure: data of the clinical picture, of the echocardiographic examination of coronary vessels.

Service duration: 20 to 30 minutes.

Special aspects of service provision

The procedure has no age restrictions.

Absolute contraindications for the procedure: no.

Appointment for the surgical intervention is carried out only after a check-up by a specialist cardiac surgeon of Dobrobut clinic chain.

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