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Consultation of a children's speech therapist

The most important condition for the full and comprehensive development of the child is the correct articulatory language. And the richer and more formed it is, the easier it is to communicate with others and the easier it is to know the world. However, there are often situations when some speech defects are noticed at an early age, which requires timely diagnosis and correction. Pronunciation problems create a serious psychological barrier for a child not only in terms of communication with peers but also in many other aspects of life. A children's speech therapist-defectologist will help to cope with the deviations of the child's speech development in Ukraine.

What problems can you turn to a pediatric speech therapist for help?

Pediatric speech therapist deals with the correction of the following conditions:

  • disorders of phonetics of oral speech (dyslalia, dysarthria);
  • violation of vocabulary and grammar of oral speech (aphasia, alalia);
  • delay of language and psycholinguistic development;
  • general language underdevelopment;
  • rhythmic and melodic-intonational disorders of speech;
  • problems in reading and writing.

You should consult a speech therapist if:

  • up to 3 years vocabulary less than 200 words, the child can not build a phrase of 5-8 words, can not answer the sentence, does not understand the read short stories or fairy tales, does not speak a significant number of sounds (more than 10-15), does not know what they are called surrounding objects;
  • at the age of 4, the dictionary is less than 1000 words, the child does not use adverbs denoting temporal and spatial features;
  • up to 4.5 years, the child does not utter some consonant sounds, softens sounds, speaks very softly or very loudly, often blinks during a conversation, strongly gestures;
  • at the age of 5 does not pronounce sounds: [ш], [ж], [ч], [ш], [ц], [р], [р '];
  • at school age there are problems with writing (omissions of letters, syllables, writing past lines), speech disorders, perhaps the child is silent or closed;
  • stuttering, obsessive blinking, involuntary gestures are observed in the language;
  • speech is accelerated or slowed down;
  • the child is closed, avoids communication with other children.

A speech therapist's consultation and a lesson plan are necessary for children with ASD, Down syndrome, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. In this case, the speech therapist works in a team with other specialists (psychologist, rehabilitation specialist, child psychologist), then language development is part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program for children with special needs.

Preventive consultations with a speech therapist in Ukraine are recommended in the first year of a child's life to exclude or identify pathologies that may cause the development of speech defects. It is also necessary to systematically come for a consultation with a speech therapist when applying to kindergarten and school - to determine the form of education and the degree of workload.

You can consult a good children's speech therapist-defectologist in Kyiv at MM Dobrobut Clinic. Our specialists have extensive practical experience, they regularly attend medical conferences and constantly improve their knowledge. We use in our practice author's teaching methods, classes in the center are held on an individual program of speech correction, which takes into account the personal parameters of a particular person. The specifics of the work are the right approach to the child, and our speech therapists do everything to make children feel comfortable during classes.

How is the reception of a children's speech therapist?

The work of a speech therapist begins with the initial diagnosis of a child in the presence of an adult. Diagnosis includes test exercises to detect age-related abnormalities in language development, tests for school readiness (lexical-grammatical and phonetic), determining the degree of hand coordination, readiness for writing, and the level of development of fine motor skills, assessment of speech recognition quality (tonal and speech audiometry). Then the speech therapist develops an individual training program for each child and works productively to achieve the desired result. Classes are held interestingly for the child and do not cause rejection, reminiscent of an exciting game. Each child has a notebook and homework.

The objectives of the classes are:

  • teach a child to pronounce sounds correctly;
  • develop fine motor skills;
  • to form the constituent structure of the word;
  • speech therapy massage and breathing exercises;
  • prepare the child for school;
  • develop attention, memory, thinking.

Remember that the success of treatment largely depends on regular exercise with the child in a comfortable home environment. Classes with a speech therapist at the clinic help parents understand how to properly deal with the child at home to consolidate and increase progress in the child's language development.

To make an appointment with a pediatric speech therapist-defectologist in the network of medical clinics "Dobrobut" in Kyiv, as well as to find out the cost of treatment and prices for examinations - call the numbers of our call center or choose a convenient time to visit directly on the site.


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Consultation of a children's speech therapist

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