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Laparoscopic renal cyst excision

A kidney cyst is a common urological disorder characterized by the formation of a cavity filled with fluid. It is benign, however, a large cystic formation can disrupt the process of urodynamics and blood supply to the organ, become infected or malignant, therefore, the pathology requires timely surgical removal. Modern medicine offers patients the most progressive and minimally invasive treatment methods, one of which is laparoscopic excision of the kidney cyst. Operation by laparoscopy is the least traumatic variant of cyst resection, which avoids a long recovery process and reduces the risk of complications.

Causes of kidney cysts

Distinguish between congenital and acquired renal cysts. Congenital cystic formation occurs during intrauterine development of the fetus, acquired is usually the result of various renal pathologies, such as glomerulonephritis, kidney tuberculosis, nephrolithiasis, parasitic infections, etc. hypothermia. In addition, the risk of developing a renal cyst increases with age - people over 45 are at risk.

When should you see a doctor?

The insidiousness of cystic kidney formation lies in the fact that in most cases the disease is asymptomatic. And if the symptoms are determined, then in the early stages they are so nonspecific that it is difficult to suspect renal pathology. A vivid clinical picture appears with an increase in formation in size. There may be:

  • pain in the lumbar region and side;
  • hematuria;
  • increased blood pressure.

With the addition of an infection, or a decrease in the functionality of the kidney, the following symptoms appear:

  • violation of urination;
  • change in the color and nature of urine;
  • general intoxication symptoms such as fever, weakness, headache.

The appearance of sharp acute pain in the lumbar spine may indicate a possible rupture of the cyst capsule, which is an urgent condition that carries a potential threat to life. If you find similar symptoms in yourself, you should immediately contact a specialist.

Indications for removal of a kidney cyst

Is it always necessary to remove a kidney cyst? No. If the formation is small, does not tend to increase, its location does not affect hemo- and urodynamics, then usually the doctor's recommendations are reduced to monitoring the patient's condition through regular ultrasound of the kidneys.

Laparoscopic renal cyst resection is indicated for:

  • severe pain syndromes as a result of compression by a cyst of adjacent organs and structures;
  • the rapid increase in formation in diameter;
  • violations of the normal outflow of urine;
  • ruptured cysts or threatened rupture;
  • a complicated course of cystic formation with the addition of infection;
  • intractable arterial hypertension, as well as with suspicion of malignancy.

Preparing for surgery

The process of preparing for laparoscopic removal of a kidney cyst includes a comprehensive preoperative examination, namely the performance of standard general clinical analyzes, and consultations of several specialists: urologist, anesthesiologist, therapist. A few days before the intervention, a light diet is shown, excluding the consumption of vegetables, fruits, and flour products. Immediately before the operation, for 8-10 hours, food and drinks are contraindicated, a cleansing enema is performed.

Operation progress

Laparoscopic renal cyst removal is performed under general anesthesia. During the intervention, 3-4 punctures are made on the anterior abdominal wall, through which the endoscope and trocars are inserted. The endoscope, in turn, is equipped with a video camera, and the enlarged image on the monitor allows you to see all the smallest anatomical structures of the organ, which makes laparoscopy a delicate and safe operation. Focusing on the image, the surgeon performs excision of pathological tissues, which are then sent for histological examination. Finally, the punctures are sutured or sealed with special stickers.

Laparoscopic resection of renal cysts is inherently a revolutionary treatment technique that has several advantages over traditional laparotomy surgery:

  • minimal trauma, because all manipulations are performed through several punctures;
  • high cosmetic effect;
  • a less painful course of the postoperative period and quick recovery;
  • low risk of developing infectious and other complications;
  • shorter hospitalization and rehabilitation periods.

Postoperative period

With laparoscopic surgery, the patient is activated early, you can get up on the first day. The attending physician, to reduce painful sensations and reduce the risk of postoperative complications, prescribes medication. The patient is discharged for 2-3 days, a control examination is carried out, as a rule, after 10 days. During the recovery period, it is recommended to exclude heavy physical exertion, refuse to visit baths, saunas, and pools, and follow a diet. To control the possible recurrence of cystic formation, it is necessary to carry out prophylactic ultrasound of the kidneys annually.

The cost of the operation in Kyiv

Diagnostics and treatment of cystic formations in the kidneys are offered by the Dobrobut MC clinics in Kyiv. The use of progressive and effective methods of treatment, high qualifications, and extensive experience of the best surgeons-urologists of Ukraine contribute to the most positive therapeutic results and an early return to the usual life. The cost of the operation of laparoscopic renal cyst resection may vary depending on the individual characteristics of the patient's clinical picture, additional examination methods, etc.

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Laparoscopic renal cyst excision

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