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Glue vein obliteration

Varicose veins cannot be cured with conservative therapy. Modern medicine has not yet invented a magic "pill" that could make the altered vascular wall healthy and elastic again. However, technologies do not stand still, and such an innovative method of treating varicose veins, such as glue vein obliteration, is direct proof of this. The essence of the procedure is to inject a special cyanoacrylate glue into the affected vein, which glues the walls of the vessel from the inside and turns it into connective tissue. As a result, the varicose vein is excluded from the circulatory system, and at this time the blood begins to circulate - through healthy veins. Glue vein obliteration in the Dobrobut network of medical clinics in Kyiv is a safe, painless procedure that allows you to quickly solve the problem of varicose veins and improve the patient's well-being in the shortest possible time.

Advantages of treating varicose veins with glue obliteration

Unlike surgical and radiofrequency methods of treating varicose veins, glue vein obliteration does not cause thermal effects on the skin and mechanical damage to tissues. Therefore, the treatment process is quite comfortable for the patient, and painful sensations are completely excluded.

Among the main advantages of this technique are:

  • high efficiency of treatment;
  • the excellent cosmetic effect, no scars, hematomas, and scars remain;
  • lack of a rehabilitation period and a quick return to everyday life;
  • no compression clothing is required;
  • safety of the procedure;
  • painlessness and no need for anesthesia.

Indications and contraindications for the procedure

The main and only indication for the glue obliteration procedure is varicose veins of the lower extremities with saphenous vein failure and chronic venous insufficiency.

But, like any intervention, the treatment of varicose veins with bio glue has some contraindications:

  • acute deep vein thrombosis of the lower extremities;
  • large veins, more than 12 mm in diameter;
  • acute infectious diseases;
  • chronic diseases in the stage of decompensation;
  • pregnancy;
  • established thrombophilia;
  • foci of inflammation in the area of intervention.

Preparing for the procedure

The process of preparing for treatment with the method of glue vein obliteration includes a comprehensive diagnosis to assess the state of blood vessels and the general well-being of the patient. It is first necessary to undergo a consultation with a phlebologist, at which the specialist will collect anamnesis, identify the presence of indications and contraindications, send for additional examinations, and, if necessary, to related specialists. Preoperative examinations include general clinical laboratory tests and ultrasound angioscanning of the veins of the lower extremities. It is worth warning your doctor about all medications you take on an ongoing basis, as well as about the presence of allergies to anything. It is recommended to take an easily digestible food three hours before the procedure.

How is the procedure carried out?

glue vein obliteration is performed after preliminary anesthesia of the puncture site under ultrasound control. A puncture of the femoral vein or a vessel on the lower leg is performed. Through this single puncture in the skin, the specialist inserts a special catheter tube, into which glue will flow and fill the lumen of the vessel. The amount of injected glue is regulated using a special dispenser. The gluing of the venous lumen occurs almost instantly, so the clinic can be left immediately after the intervention. The total duration of the procedure on one limb takes up to 40 minutes.

There is no rehabilitation after the procedure for treating varicose veins with bio glue, as such. There is no need to wear compression clothing, and there is no restriction on physical activity.

The cost of glue vein obliteration in Kyiv

The Dobrobut network of medical clinics in Kyiv invites patients to treat varicose veins with glue obliteration.

What are the benefits of treatment with us?

  • we provide an individual approach to each patient;
  • we use exclusively modern diagnostic and treatment equipment;
  • in our arsenal - a stock of talented, highly qualified, and experienced doctors who will take on the treatment of even the most difficult cases;
  • a wide range of services provided;
  • quality service;
  • affordable prices in comparison with average prices in Ukraine.

How to sign up?

To sign up for a consultation with a phlebologist, as well as to clarify all your questions regarding the procedure of glue vein obliteration: cost, terms, conditions - call our call center or use the feedback service.


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Glue vein obliteration

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