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Cyst in the head

A brain cyst in a child is a formation with a cavity filled with fluid. Despite the benign nature of the pathology, it can bring a lot of troubles, which are primarily associated with compression of some parts of the brain. Cysts can be localized in any part of the brain and, in the absence of a clinical picture, are usually an accidental finding during computed or magnetic resonance imaging. However, most often, neoplasms gradually increase in size, due to the accumulation of contents, and lead to a deterioration in the child's well-being. To avoid dangerous complications, the child needs timely and competent treatment.

Causes of brain cysts in children

Brain cysts are congenital and acquired. During pregnancy, their appearance can be provoked by any adverse factors. Most often, such factors are fetal hypoxia, fetoplacental insufficiency, TORCH infections, and extragenital pathologies of a pregnant woman. Acquired cysts in children develop as a result of birth trauma, hemorrhage, and brain infections.


The first specific symptoms of a brain cyst occur when certain brain centers are squeezed, and they depend on the type, location, and volume of formation. General cerebral symptoms that suggest the presence of neurological disorders are:

  • Sleep and memory disorders;
  • Lethargy, weakness;
  • Impaired coordination of movements;
  • Headaches and dizziness;
  • Tremor;
  • Seizures;
  • Decreased tactile, temperature sensitivity, etc.

In a newborn baby, cystic brain formation causes abnormal sleepiness or anxiety, monotonous screaming, vomiting, and refusal to feed.


There is no specific drug therapy for the treatment of brain cysts. If the formation has arisen as a result of an infectious process, hemorrhage, then treatment of these processes is prescribed. Many types of cysts can "dissolve" on their own. However, most often, specialists resort to surgical treatment. The type of surgery is selected individually and depends on the location, type of cyst. Removal is possible using direct access (craniotomy), bypass grafting, or endoscopic puncture intervention.

Neurosurgeons of the Dobrobut network of medical clinics in Kyiv have extensive experience in performing operations to remove brain cysts in children and adults. Our patients can count on a competent approach to treatment, quality service, loyal cost of services in comparison with prices in Ukraine.

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Cyst in the head

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