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SCHROTH-therapy (10 sessions)

SCHROTH-therapy (10 sessions)

Shrot therapy is a method that allows you to perform a three-dimensional correction of the spine with the help of specially selected specific exercises with asymmetric breathing (i.e., inhaling, filling with air mainly one lung (right or left - depending on the curvature arc)), depending on the type of scoliosis and conservatively get rid of such a common disease. Shrot therapy involves a detailed study of all the problematic components of scoliosis and their comprehensive solution. This includes correct diagnosis, development of an individual treatment program, and an integrated approach. Exercises are selected according to an individually developed plan, based on the type of scoliotic deformity.

Exercises according to the K. Schroth method help to achieve specific results:

  • improve posture and even completely eliminate the cosmetic defect
  • reduce painful sensations;
  • to stop the progression of scoliosis, as well as to consolidate the results;
  • fix the correct position of the back in all planes;
  • normalize breathing;
  • improve self-esteem and psychological state of the patient.

Duration of the service: 60 minutes 1 session


  • a set of breathing exercises;
  • training in corrective breathing;
  • exercise therapy complex;
  • stretching exercises;
  • exercises to correct the spine;
  • development of an individual exercise program to be performed at home.


  • scoliosis of various genesis: myogenic, neurogenic, idiopathic


  • acute inflammatory diseases (ARVI, ARI, temperature 38 and more);
  • severe osteoporosis;
  • oncological diseases;
  • clinically significant spondylolisthesis;
  • period of critical days.

Preparation: none

Age restrictions: the service is provided from 12 to 18 years old

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Services included in the package:

Фізіотерапевтичні процедури
  • SCHROTH-therapy 10 pcs

Doctors providing package services:

5experience (y.)
17experience (y.)
Boichenko Viktoriia Ruslanivna
Rehabilitation specialist; Children's masseur; Masseur; Physiotherapist
3experience (y.)

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SCHROTH-therapy (10 sessions)
9350 uah

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SCHROTH-therapy (10 sessions)

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