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Corrective system

Installation of the correction system with the help of "titanium thread" is indicated in case of deformation of the nail on the big toe.

Service prices:

Correction of titanium filament900 uah
Correction of the three-piece 3TO brace900 uah
Fraser brace correction900 uah
Installation of the three-piece 3TO brace system1620 uah
Installation of the correction system, titanium filament1790 uah
Installation of Fraser correction brace1620 uah
Prosthetics of the nail of the 1st degree of complexity810 uah
Nail prosthesis, II level of complexity970 uah
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Corrective system

Correction system in Dobrobut

The use of a correction system allows you to change the direction of nail growth, its shape, and fix the treatment process. It can be a titanium wire, also called titanium thread, or a Freser bracket, which contains nickel and chromium. Outwardly, the system resembles a bracket that is placed on top of the nail to relieve tension from its edges and eliminate pain.

Often, immediately after the system is installed, pain is significantly reduced or eliminated. The procedure itself is painless and requires no special preparation on the part of the patient. Thanks to the system, the nail begins to grow properly over time.

The method can replace surgical treatment of ingrown nails within certain limits. According to the indications, a podiatrist at Dobrobut will choose the best correction system for you and perform the procedure according to the highest medical standards.

The section of podiatry where a special system is used to correct the shape and direction of nail growth is called orthonics.

After the system is installed, the correction process can take from 1 month to a year and a half.

Indications for a correction system

  • Ingrown nails can often be treated with the help of a correction system. If the problem is diagnosed in time, surgical intervention can be avoided.
  • A deformed nail due to a fungal infection can be corrected with a correction system in combination with mechanical treatment. Treatment of nail fungus should include antifungal medications, as it is the infection that causes the deformity.
  • Nail deformity due to mechanical or chemical damage can be treated with a correction system combined with mechanical treatment.
  • Nail deformity due to psoriasis is corrected by combining a correction system with long-term pathogenetic treatment.
  • Calluses are also a combined problem that often requires the use of a correction system in combination with other treatment methods.
  • Pain in the lateral rollers may not be accompanied by other pathological manifestations. But the pain may precede further changes in the nail. Therefore, in this case, the correction system works to relieve pain and prevent possible changes in the nail plate.

Contraindications for the installation of the correction system

It is not allowed to install the correction system in case of nail detachment, if there is a cavity under the nail, on a shaky and fragile nail plate, in the presence of hematomas in the nail plate area, without proper treatment of nail infection, if you do not follow the doctor's recommendations before correction.

Recommendations for patients with a nail correction system

After the correction system is installed, follow the podiatrist's prescriptions for foot care and footwear. If your doctor advises you to change your shoes or treat them for infection, you should do so, otherwise the problem may return again. If indicated, wear orthopedic insoles.

Foot hygiene should be regular and thorough. If necessary, use talcum powder, deodorant, antiseptic cream, etc.

If, after fitting the correction system, you later notice redness, bruising in the area of the nail plate, its detachment, swelling of the toe and pain, you should definitely consult a podiatrist.

Follow all the doctor's recommendations regarding the course of therapy, of which the correction system is a part. Be on time for your examination by your podiatrist.

Try not to overload your feet. If you need to walk or stand a lot, make sure that you make it as easy as possible for your feet: wear orthopedic or anatomical shoes, use orthopedic insoles and socks, and relieve your feet during the day with foot exercises and massage.

If you would like to find out more information about the service or make an appointment at MS Dobrobut, leave a request and our coordinator will contact you.

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Corrective system

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    The foot is the part of the human body carrying the greatest load when walking, and very often it is traumatized. Therefore, regular foot hygiene is not enough to maintain a healthy foot.

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