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Corrective system

Removal of Foot Corn

Service prices:

  • Correction of titanium filament850 uah
  • Correction of the three-piece 3TO brace850 uah
  • Fraser brace correction850 uah
  • Installation of the three-piece 3TO brace system1540 uah
  • Installation of the correction system, titanium filament1700 uah
  • Installation of Fraser correction brace1540 uah
  • Prosthetics of the nail of the 1st degree of complexity770 uah
  • Nail prosthesis, II level of complexity920 uah
Corrective system

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Corrective system

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Corrective system, Services:

  • Consultation by Podiatrist

    The foot is the part of the human body carrying the greatest load when walking, and very often it is traumatized. Therefore, regular foot hygiene is not enough to maintain a healthy foot.

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