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Removal of intracerebral abscesses

How is brain abscess treated?

Treatment for a brain abscess usually involves a combination of medication and surgery, depending on the size and number of abscesses.

How is the operation performed?

If the abscess is larger than 2 cm, pus will usually need to be removed. However, after the operation, you will still need antibiotic therapy.

There are 2 surgical methods of treatment:

  • simple aspiration;
  • craniotomy.

Simple aspiration involves using a CT scan to locate an abscess and then drilling a small hole, known as a “burr,” into the skull. The pus is removed and the hole is closed.

It takes about 1 hour to complete such an operation.

How are craniotomy and intracerebral abscess removal performed?

Open aspiration and excision are usually performed using a surgical procedure known as a craniotomy.

Craniotomy may be recommended if the abscess does not respond to aspiration or recurs. During a craniotomy, the neurosurgeon shaves off a small section of the hair and removes a small piece of the skull bone (bone flap) to gain access to the brain.

The abscess is then cleared of pus or removed completely. CT guidance can be used during surgery to help the surgeon pinpoint the exact position of the abscess.

After treatment, the bone is replaced. The surgery usually takes about 3 hours.

How long does it take to recover from surgery?

After the operation, you need to stay in the hospital for about a week under the supervision of the specialists of our clinic. The patient will have several CT scans to make sure that the brain abscess has been completely removed.

Most of our patients need another 6 to 12 weeks of rest at home before they can return to normal work or daytime education.

The cost of the operation at the Dobrobut Medical Center in Kyiv will depend on such factors: the size, location of the abscess, and the removal technique that will be used.

You can make an appointment for a consultation and operation with our specialists at the Dobrobut Medical Center in Kyiv by leaving a request on our website, or by calling the call center number.


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Removal of intracerebral abscesses

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