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Bilateral Cheiloplasty

Plastic surgery of congenital bilateral upper lip cleft - bilateral labium leporinum.

This surgical intervention is performed on a patient with a bilateral labium leporinum in the operating room under general anesthesia.

A surgeon with an assistant performs layer-by-layer plastic surgery of the mucous membrane, orbital muscle and skin according to one of the selected surgical techniques, regarding the variant and form of the cleft. The effect lasts for the rest of patient’s life.

Indication: unilateral labium leporinum (bilateral cleft lip). Service duration: from 100 to 180 minutes (excluding anesthesia).

Terms of service provision

The service has age restrictions: child’s age is from 3 months, child’s weight should be over 5000 grams.

There are no absolute contraindications for the procedure: relative contraindications are severe cardiovascular and CNS disorders.

Preparation for the procedure: please, address our contact-center for the details.

Additionally charged: general anesthesia, histological examination of the material, consumables (staplers, clips, cassettes for staplers depending on the surgical technique), inpatient treatment in the intensive care unit and inpatient department, lab tests and medications during the patient’s stay in the hospital, additional examination methods and counseling of the related medical specialists.

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Bilateral Cheiloplasty

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Doctors Bilateral Cheiloplasty:
24experience (y.)
Vysotskyi Ihor Anatoliiovych
Pediatric surgeon
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Bobkov Andrii Serhiiovych
Pediatric surgeon; Pediatric urologist