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Children's cap for teeth alignment

Successful treatment of occlusion in children at an early age eliminates the occurrence of serious problems in the future and allows the correct formation of the jaws and teeth. With the advent of liners - transparent caps, which can effectively eliminate the most common pathologies of occlusion, the correction of occlusion in children has become a much more comfortable process. They are created individually, from completely transparent, flexible, hypoallergenic material. The liners hold their shape well, so they put soft pressure on the teeth and move them to step by step in the right direction.

Aligning teeth with an orthodontic cap for children is comfortable, effective, and unobtrusive. Despite not being the cheapest cost, children's liners are becoming a more and more popular method of treating bites in Ukraine. After all, what could be more important than the healthy and happy smile of your child?

Advantages of a cap for teeth alignment

  1. Aesthetics. Since the caps are completely transparent, they are almost invisible on the teeth, and during treatment, the child will not feel psychological discomfort.
  2. Efficiency. Eliners provide the ability to move the teeth in any plane, while the therapy takes an average of 6 to 12 months.
  3. Safety - the material is hypoallergenic, close to the teeth.
  4. Easy to care for. The cap is a removable orthodontic appliance, so during meals and hygienic procedures, the child will be able to remove it on their own. The liners themselves are easy to clean with water and a brush with paste.
  5. Wearing comfort and maximum painlessness - the design does not rub the soft tissues of the gums, does not scratch anything. There are no problems with diction while wearing, the clarity of speech is completely preserved.
  6. In the treatment of occlusion with an orthodontic cap, there are no restrictions in the diet.
  7. Treatment can be started from 6-7 years.

Who is suitable for correcting a pathological bite with a cap?

Modern liners can solve a lot of orthodontic problems:

  • the presence of interdental spaces;
  • congestion of teeth;
  • improper growth of single teeth;
  • various pathologies of occlusion.

And yet, orthodontic treatment is a complex individual process, so understanding whether the liners are right for your child will help a pediatric orthodontist in an eye consultation.

The main stages of treatment of occlusion with the help of children's liners

First, at a consultation with a pediatric orthodontist, the doctor will collect a history, assess the condition of the teeth, gums, mucous membranes of the mouth, and prescribe additional research methods (radiography, CT). Impressions are taken from the child's teeth, based on which future liners will be created, and in 3D, you can see the gradual movement of teeth in the right direction, the timing of treatment, as well as the final result - what a healthy smile will look like after treatment! At the next reception, the doctor installs liners, checks how conveniently and reliably they are fixed, if necessary, adjusts the position of the cap, and gives recommendations for operation.

To achieve the desired result, the children's toothbrush should be worn for at least 22 hours a day, ie removed only during meals, brushing teeth, and cleaning the liners themselves. During treatment, the orthodontist should regularly monitor the movement of teeth, and the child should see a doctor once a month. As a specific effect is achieved, the old caps are removed and replaced with new ones. The total duration of treatment is individual and depends on the complexity of the pathology of the bite, but on average, the duration of treatment is from 6 to 12 months.

Dobrobut Dental Clinic invites you to install a children's cap for teeth alignment in Kyiv. In our arsenal: highly qualified dentists with many years of experience, the latest modern equipment, quality service, affordable prices, and cost of services. We will help your child to solve the problem of the pathological bite of any complexity. To make an appointment for a consultation with a pediatric orthodontist - call our call center 24/7!


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Children's cap for teeth alignment

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