Almost 40 women received free infertility treatment at Dobrobut

Almost 40 women received free infertility treatment at Dobrobut

In 3 months, 36 patients have received free infertility treatment using assisted reproductive technologies (ART) at the Dobrobut medical chain, 7 of whom became pregnant.

"Dobrobut has been providing free infertility treatment services under the state medical guarantee program since February 27, 2024. This is the network's first major contract with the National Health Service of Ukraine.

Women under the age of 40 with a diagnosis of female infertility or male infertility in their husbands can apply to Dobrobut for free treatment.

To receive free services, you need to make an appointment for an initial consultation with a fertility specialist at Dobrobut Medical Center. Or have an electronic referral from an obstetrician-gynecologist of another medical institution where there is a special multidisciplinary consultation.

If necessary, a patient can contact Dobrobut to receive an electronic referral and to undergo a multidisciplinary consultation.

A woman can undergo up to two free cycles of ART treatment per year.

"For more than three months of the free infertility treatment program, we have seen that the war has not deprived Ukrainians of their desire to become parents. Up to 100 primary patients come to us for consultations every month. It is important for us to be involved in the state program aimed at overcoming the demographic crisis, because we have everything we need for this - experienced specialists and the latest equipment", said Svitlana Shiyanova, leader of the Assisted Reproductive Technologies at Dobrobut Medical Network.


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Petrovska Yuliia Oleksandrivna
Petrovska Yuliia Oleksandrivna
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