What to do if you suspect a stroke?

What to do if you suspect a stroke?

The first 4 hours are crucial for the person who has had a stroke. Therefore, the sooner he receives qualified medical care, the higher his chances of recovery.

This will save his life, and will also allow him to completely avoid serious consequences or minimize them, in particular, disability. The worst thing to do in such a situation is to wait and hope that everything will go away by itself.

If you or a person close to you suspect signs of a stroke, you need to immediately call an ambulance.

Our team has all the necessary equipment in order to timely assess the patient's condition and decide on further actions. So call 5288.

Specialists of the Dobrobut Stroke Center are ready to provide high-quality medical care to the highest standards ROUND-THE-CLOCK.

Stroke center "Dobrobut" provides the following services:

  • Emergency medical care and transportation of the patient to the hospital.
  • Diagnostics using modern expert-class equipment.
  • Prompt establishment of the exact localization of the stroke and assessment of its consequences.
  • The choice of the correct treatment tactics and the need for surgery.
  • Rehabilitation after a stroke.
  • Patronage after discharge from the hospital.
  • Psychological assistance to patients and relatives of a person who has suffered a stroke.

How to find us?

Stroke center "Dobrobut" is located at The Idzykowski family street, 3.

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