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Medical pedicure

The feet are the part of the body that is constantly under stress when walking and is exposed to external factors (friction, high humidity, and dryness). In response to all these factors, dry skin, cracks, calluses, and corns form as a protective reaction. To ensure that the skin always remains smooth and soft, and that the formations on it do not cause problems, it is important to undergo regular medical hardware pedicure of the feet.

Service prices:

Medical pedicure of the 1st category of complexity1190 uah
Medical pedicure, 2nd category of complexity1470 uah
Partial medical pedicure (fingers)900 uah
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Medical pedicure

At the Dobrobut Center for Dermatology and Cosmetology, professional cosmetologists will give your feet an aesthetic appearance, and if necessary, a medical pedicure can be performed.

A medical pedicure is performed by a podiatrist using special instruments. The medical pedicure procedure is designed to promote the treatment and prevention of foot diseases, and differs significantly from a regular pedicure in terms of the scope of work and the peculiarity of processing. A doctor who performs medical foot treatment must adhere to strict safety rules.

Indications for a medical pedicure

Feet bear a high load on a daily basis, must withstand body weight and the influence of external factors. Pressure, friction, high humidity, increased dryness). In response to all these factors of influence, as a protective reaction, dry skin, cracks, calluses and corns form. To ensure that the skin always remains smooth and soft, and the formations on it do not cause problems, it is important to undergo a regular medical hardware pedicure of the feet.

How a medical pedicure is performed in Dobrobut

The doctor preliminarily assesses the condition of the feet and selects the appropriate instruments.

Important components of a medical pedicure are


  • nail treatment and cuticle removal,
  • removal of calluses and their roots,
  • treatment of the foot and skin between the toes with a milling machine.

The doctor pays special attention to foot diseases and performs a number of manipulations that contribute to their faster treatment: treats the area of ingrown nails, areas affected by fungus, warts, etc. In the process, the podologist uses disinfectants and medicines.

Hardware foot pedicure includes:


  • disinfection of the foot;
  • softening the skin of the foot with a special product that is applied to the skin a few minutes before the procedure;
  • hardware pedicure, which is carried out with the help of various nozzles and helps to remove the compacted and stratified layer of foot skin cells and small cracks;
  • moisturizing the skin of the foot with a cosmetic product.

You do not need to prepare for the procedure. There are no contraindications to a medical pedicure.

How long should the effect of a medical hardware pedicure last?

In many ways, the duration of the effect after treatment depends on the problem that brought you to the podiatrist. The intensity of the load on your feet in your daily life and skin characteristics also matter. Usually, the effect lasts from 2 to 6 weeks, so the doctor may schedule the next visit in a month. If you need to come for a hardware pedicure earlier, you can discuss this with your podiatrist. Regular medical hardware pedicure helps to get rid of cracks and dry feet forever, prevent the formation of calluses and corns. Therefore, we advise everyone who has such problems to visit Dobrobut podiatrist regularly for this purpose.

Constant professional foot care will allow them to always look neat and stay healthy. With regular hardware pedicure, the effect of daily care will give much better results.

Types of medical pedicure


  • In Dobrobut, you can get a regular medical pedicure or a treatment of increased complexity. These services differ in time and price because they differ in the scope of intervention. Medical pedicure of the 2nd category of complexity has certain indications.
  • A partial medical pedicure involves the treatment of only the toes. It is a more preventive measure, but it can also be prescribed for certain simple processes when nail treatment is primarily important.

If you would like to find out more information about the service or make an appointment at MS Dobrobut, leave a request and our coordinator will contact you.

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Medical pedicure

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Medical pedicure, Services:

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    The foot is the part of the human body carrying the greatest load when walking, and very often it is traumatized. Therefore, regular foot hygiene is not enough to maintain a healthy foot.

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