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Gynecologist’s house call

A woman’s health requires close attention at all stages of life. Timely visits of a doctor and preventive examinations are the main conditions in order to prevent problems or identify diseases at a stage when they can be easily and quickly cured.

Unfortunately, self-medication of gynecological problems often results in complications and worsening of the woman’s condition. Therefore, you need to visit a specialist regularly, do not forget about preventive examinations, and if alarming symptoms appear, do not hesitate to see a doctor.

Gynecologists of Dobrobut Clinic Chain constantly study, improve their professional level, study innovations in world medicine in order to provide care to our patients in accordance with the highest international standards.

Doctors of Dobrobut Clinic Chain treat all the states, pathologies and diseases of women’s genital sphere.

To call a gynecologist at home is the optimal decision when you need a consultation of a professional, experienced doctor and have no possibility to go to a clinic.

When should you call a doctor at home?

Gynecologist’s house call helps to save time and minimize stress. If symptoms appear that bring discomfort, do not wait and call a doctor immediately.

The symptoms that require a call of a gynecologist at home are as follows:

  • unusual discharge: purulent, white, yellow, blood-tinged;
  • hypermenorrhea;
  • severe sudden lower abdominal pains;
  • feeling of heaviness in lower abdomen or sharp increase of its dimensions;
  • pain during sexual activity or uriesthesia;
  • feeling of swelling and pain in external genitalia area;
  • blood-tinged discharge beyond the period and/or after a sexual activity.

Diagnostics and treatment

Gynecologist’s house call is a possibility to get the professional medical aid without wasting time on the road.

During the gynecologist’s consultation at home, the doctor will assess your condition, make a preliminary diagnosis based on complaints and symptoms, and, if necessary, prescribe additional examinations or consultations with other specialists.

The state of women’s health mainly depends on the lifestyle, habits of the patient, and genetic predispositions. The doctor will give recommendations on lifestyle adjustments and prescribe pharmacological therapy according to evidence-based medicine protocols.

Advantages of doctor’s house call

Dobrobut Clinic Chain is always by your side, we work to provide our patients with a quality and timely medical aid in comfortable conditions and with sincere care.

We will help you to feel yourself confident and protected. Gynecologists of Dobrobut Clinic Chain treat patients’ emotions with respect and show high level of empathy.

Thorough examination, evidence-based treatment, detailed explanations and concern for your comfort are the benefits that you get by making a paid gynecologist’s house call. Our coordinators will help you choose the most convenient time for a doctor’s home visit.

You can make a doctor’s house call in Kyiv by phone number (044; 097) 495-2-888.

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Gynecologist’s house call

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