Socially responsible

People above all' is not just a slogan for the "Dobrobut" medical network, it's the daily care of the patients and the personalresponsibility of every employee - from the
coordinator of the contact center to the attending physician. Health care and comfort of the people who have entrusted us with their health is the main task of the "Dobrobut" medical network's team.

Departments of the "Dobrobut" medical network provide medical services to everyone - from newborns to the elderly. And of course there are people with disabilities among our patients. Disability is not a verdict, but people with disabilities need more courage, strength and patience to accept all the realities of life, with its imperfect infrastructure, difficulties in obtaining education and employment, and most importantly - health problems. For us they are special patients, because we believe they

require more attention and care than others.

Since December 2013, the "Dobrobut" medical network established a special 10% discount on services for persons with disabilities in all of its departments 1 and 2 groups, thus allowing our special patients receive quality medical services at special conditions. This discount can be accessed by presenting a document certifying the disability.

To make an appointment, please contact our call center.

Licenses, Certificates, Accreditations

MN «Dobrobut»

Лицензия «Добробут-Поликлиника»
Лицензия «Добробут-Стационар»
Лицензия «Добробут-Вертебрология»
Лицензия «Добробут-Патронаж»
Сертификат «Добробут-Поликлиника»
Сертификат «Добробут-Стационар»
Сертификат «Добробут-Вертебрология»
Сертификат «Добробут-Патронаж»
Аккредитационный сертификат «Добробут-Поликлиника»
Аккредитационный сертификат «Добробут-Стационар»
Аккредитационный сертификат «Добробут-Вертебрология»
Аккредитационный сертификат «Добробут-Патронаж»