International insurance

Medical Network “Dobrobut” – is an emergency aid, preventive care, diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation.

Medical network “Dobrobut” in figures as of year 2018 means:

  • Approx. 1 500 000 contact center telephone calls;
  • More than 200 000 unique clients;
  • 1 multidisciplinary hospital;
  • 3 in-patient facilities;
  • 11 out-patient clinics;
  • 12 ambulances.

What is direct billing?

Previously, in order to receive a refund for treatment from an international insurance company, the patient had to pay for the received services, collect a package of necessary documents and bills and only then apply for a refund to the insurance company. And ... should wait for a reimbursement.

Today, medical network “Dobrobut” offers breakthrough opportunity in service providing by international insurance companies, namely direct billing!

Direct billing – is an Agreement between Medical Provider and International Insurance Company about sending customer’s invoices directly to insurance company.

Therefore, patients do not pay for services at all or pay only for those services which are not covered by the insurance company according to their insurance plan. This procedure is called co-payment.

Doctors from medical network “Dobrobut” decide which procedures, diagnostic, examinations and consultations You need.

However, still many insurance plans require a prior guarantee (pre-authorization) from the International Insurance Company. In addition, some services may not be covered by an international insurance policy.

Services that may require prior guaranteeing: CT, MRI, diagnostics, colonoscopy, hospitalization, surgery, treatment of oncology, physiotherapy etc.

Medical network “Dobrobut” recommends you to contact International Insurance Companies Department before visiting the clinic. You need to provide insurance policy details so that network staff can check coverage details and, if necessary, receive a guarantee for treatment or diagnostics.

Medical network “Dobrobut” has developed an algorithm for cooperation with patients insured by international insurance companies in such a way that they need only to provide the policy of the insured and an identity document. Further necessary work will be performed by the responsible officer.

Please note that in order to receive urgent services without waiting for a guarantee, you may need to pay in advance.

Medical network “Dobrobut” recommends You to contact International Insurance Companies Department before receiving services in order to check for insurance coverage or receive a guarantee.


Which International Insurance Companies does Medical Network “Dobrobut” work with via direct billing system?

We are happy to announce that Medical Network “Dobrobut” works with all international companies via direct billing system.

Does my insurance cover preventive services?

Every insurance policy differs. Please contact Your insurance company or International Insurance Companies Department of Medical Network “Dobrobut” for information.

Do I need to produce my insurance policy each visit to MN “Dobrobut”?

Yes! The insurance policy and the identity document are necessary for receiving services via direct billing system.

I don’t have international insurance policy, but I am insured. What should I do?

In order to identify you and your insurance plan, you must provide the insurance policy or any other document confirming your insurance. Without such a document, providing services via direct billing is impossible.

Do I need to pay for some services during the visit if I have international insurance company’s guarantee / international insurance policy?

You are to pay only the part that is not covered by your insurance company according to your insurance plan (co-payment). Basic price list for services in Medical Network “Dobrobut” is available on our official web-site.

Does my International Insurance Company ask about prices for services?

Please, for information on prices for services for International Insurance Companies, contact the International Insurance Companies Department by mobile phone +380675384840, or by sending e-mail on [email protected].

Licenses, Certificates, Accreditations

MN «Dobrobut»

Лицензия «Добробут-Поликлиника»
Лицензия «Добробут-Стационар»
Лицензия «Добробут-Вертебрология»
Лицензия «Добробут-Патронаж»
Сертификат «Добробут-Поликлиника»
Сертификат «Добробут-Стационар»
Сертификат «Добробут-Вертебрология»
Сертификат «Добробут-Патронаж»
Аккредитационный сертификат «Добробут-Поликлиника»
Аккредитационный сертификат «Добробут-Стационар»
Аккредитационный сертификат «Добробут-Вертебрология»
Аккредитационный сертификат «Добробут-Патронаж»