Information Services
For men

The service includes a list of consultations and examinations required to obtain a certificate 0-86/o for applicants.

The program includes, the following services:

  • Complete blood count
  • Blood glucose level in blood plasma
  • Urinalysis (general)
  • OHC X-ray
  • Consultation of a surgeon
  • Consultation of a neurologist (neuropathologist)
  • Consultation of an ophthalmologist
  • Consultation of a gynecologist for women and urologist for men
  • Consultation of a family doctor / therapist
  • Consultation of an otolaryngologist
  • Consultation of other narrow specialist on referral or on request

Contraindications: none.

No special training is required.

Services included in the package:

General comprehensive blood analysis with formula (hemanalyzer, ESR, formula) as planned
Clinical urine analysis
Consultation of an ENT specialist for children in the clinic
Consultation by neuropathist
Consultation by ophthalmologist with the estimation of ophthalmotonous pressure and autorefractometry
Consultation by general practitioner / family doctor
Consultation by urologist
Consultation by surgeon
Plain radiography of thoracic organs in one projection
Blood Glucose
Preanalytical stage in biological material study
Package price:
7220 uah
Also recommended!
12 clinic(s)
from 4820 uah